Quickest Method for carrying out SECS/Jewel Correspondence Convention to Your Hardware

This guide is planned to give an outline and fundamental presentation of SECS/Pearl and its utilization in the semiconductor business to the novice. Furthermore, It isn’t Expected to substitute or act as complete reference of the guidelines. For a total reference of the guidelines, kindly allude to SEMI.

SECS/Jewel represents SECS (SEMI Hardware Correspondence Guidelines) and Pearl (Conventional Model For Interchanges and Control Of Assembling Gear) standard is distributed and kept up with by SEMI.org, a global association of semiconductor makers, is an association body that oversees the norm for semiconductor fabricating.

To figure out the SECS/Jewel principles you should buy the accompanying 3 essential norms from SEMI:

SEMI E30 Jewel Standard – Characterizes the ways of behaving of gear (Business Rules), state machine and a few guidelines like which SECS-II messages ought to be utilized, in what circumstances, and what the subsequent action ought to be.

SEMI E5 SECS-II – Characterizes the subtleties of the SEO Outsourcing translation of messages (APIs) traded between hardware a host.

SEMI E37 HSMS – Rapid SECS Message Administrations. This is a vehicle layer in light of TCP/IP convention and a replacement of the past SEMI E4 SECS-I standard that depends on sequential correspondence.
SECS/Diamond connection point is created during the 80s yet the idea to the advanced innovation is practically the same. As a delineation, how about we consider Web Administration innovation. A venture application server utilizes Web Administration to interact with different administrations or hosts through HTTP or TCP/IP.


The SECS/Pearl standard characterizes a typical arrangement of gear conduct and correspondences capacities that give the usefulness and adaptability to help the assembling robotization projects of semiconductor gadget makers. Hardware providers might give extra SECS-II usefulness excluded from Jewel as long as the extra usefulness doesn’t struggle with any of the way of behaving or abilities characterized in Pearl. Such increases might incorporate SECS-II messages, assortment occasions, cautions, remote order codes, handling states, variable information things (information values, status values or hardware constants), or other usefulness that is exceptional to a class (etchers, steppers, and so on) or explicit case of gear.


The Correspondence state model characterizes the way of behaving of the gear comparable to the presence or nonattendance of a correspondence interface with the host. It additionally characterizes how correspondence is laid out or restored with S1F13/S1F14 when correspondence is broken